Talon Piste: Alexandra joined Manon Lanza for a good purpose at the Exclusive Drive

On Sunday 19 March, the Exclusive Drive (car event) welcomed Alexandra for a good cause. Car driver, Alexandra Hervé, took her place alongside Manon Lanza, known on social networks for sharing her passion for board sport and in particular surfing. The two women took part in the Talon Piste, a car race organised on the Le Mans circuit to support several associations such as the Association Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque.

The Talon Piste is a car race reserved for famous women who commit themselves to humanitarian causes on the Le Mans circuit. Manon and Alexandra drove around the circuit together in a Peugeot 408. Alexandra, who made a podium on this circuit last November, was able to guide the driver for an unforgettable driving experience.

Among the famous women, we saw: Caroline Vigneaux (comedian), Elodie Fontan (actress), Clara Marz (content creator), Sylvie Testud (actress), Chloé Lettelier (content creator), Caterina Murino (actress), Justine Dupont (professional surfer), Maéva Coucke (Miss France) and finally Manon Lanza (content creator).

But beyond the sporting performance, there is the commitment to solidarity that also motivated Alexandra to participate. Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque is an association that helps children with heart disease. The day highlighted an important cause and made participants aware of the importance of supporting organisations such as this.

Alexandra Hervé and Manon Lanza

Unfortunately, both athletes did not make it onto the podium, but their dedication to the day’s running can only be commended.

Alexandra was happy to be able to share this experience with people involved in solidarity struggles: “It was an honour to share this event with Manon Lanza, an athlete and woman who shares the same interest in extreme sports as I do. Thanks to the Exclusive Drive, for allowing me to participate in Talon Piste”.

We will see Alexandra again for the first race of the season in Val de Vienne on March 31st!

Talon Piste Women Charity Racing Challenge: Manon Lanza and Alexandra Hervé for Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

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