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Media Info Alexandra Hervé, Formule Renault driver: the only way is up

From karts to cars: Alexandra Hervé, a 16-year old in Formula Renault 2.0. Click here to read this message in your browser

Press release – Alexandra Hervé – 14 April 2022

Formule Renault Cup by TTE, rounds 3 & 4,

Val de Vienne, 9-10 April 2022

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The only way is up!

This weekend, the 16-year-old French girl from north of Paris continued learning the ropes in motor sport on the Val de Vienne circuit. A month after her Paul Ricard debut, the second round of the Formula Renault Cup by TTE gave her the opportunity to hone her skills on this twistier circuit as she demonstrated her fighting spirit and determination. Her reward came in the form of more points scored in the championship in both races.

The week before, Alexandra had already done a round trip Deuil-la-Barre-Le Vigeant in order to get to know the atypical and technical Val de Vienne layout on which the average lap speed in a Formula Renault is around 25 km/h slower compared to the 5800 metre-Paul Ricard circuit.

On the following Friday, she was back again for the private test sessions for the meeting and she realised that it would be difficult for her to carry out the development programme as planned. The Poitou region like the rest of the Aquitaine was the victim of terrible weather. The young rookie took advantage of the conditions to improve her skills on the soaking wet track although it wasn’t of great use with a sunny weekend in perspective.

Thus, Alexandra took part in the first qualifying session without any real reference points on a dry track and set the ninth-quickest time. Her car then moved slightly on the grid at the start of the first race resulting in a drive-through penalty, but it was all part of the learning curve. Once she had served her penalty by passing through the pits she fought her way back up to 10th place.

On Sunday, the schedule was the same with a qualifying session in the morning and a race in the afternoon. Alexandra again set the ninth-fastest lap in qualifying interrupted by two red flags. This time she made an impeccable start and she installed herself in ninth place with another car glued to her gearbox. In the end-of-race battles she gained a place, and then she lost one, finishing where she’d started–ninth!

Alexandra gives her analysis beginning with an affirmation that says everything about her motivation. “Is there anything better than a weekend spent at a motor racing circuit? Nothing!” A great punch line! ”The wheel-to-wheel battles at the start of race one were good fun and I managed to greatly improve my qualifying time. It’s a pity the car moved on the grid. The team and I studied the question to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again and I made a much better getaway on Sunday. I worked on both myself and my driving. Now, I’ve got to learn to hit the brakes harder. I haven’t found the performance I’m looking for yet, but I’ve gained experience and I’m really enjoying myself. When I measure what I’ve already learned in just two meetings, I can’t wait to see the level I’ll have attained by the end of the season when I’ve competed in all seven races on the calendar.

Hardly had Alexandra put away her helmet and driver suit when she was heading back to the Parisian region to study for her French exam in the dry run for the “Bac”* the following morning. The third circuit on her programme is the Lédenon roller-coaster in the South-East of France on 7-8 May.

* Equivalent of A Level (UK) / Abritur (D) / Matura (I)…

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